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Mission: Create web applications, tools, and games to assist in the classroom when teaching design and technical boot camps

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In January 2017 I started as a Teacher's Assistant for Georgia Tech Savannah's MERN stack web application development boot camp. Over the next 3+ years I would become a teacher for this course and then switch from teaching web development to teaching UX/UI design. During this time I have tried out many things in the classroom to make learning more fun and to help me out. These are the projects that "made the cut" to be shared here. Interested in trying these out in your classroom? I made these quickly to be utilities, so they aren't world-class or especially easy to set up — please send me a message! I would love to talk to you.

Houses of Design Olympics

Houses of Design Olympics is a game for use in UX/UI design boot camps. Students compete through various challenges that encourage extra curricular work to earn points for their house. Twice during the class a celebration is held to congratulate the winning house. This project includes written guides as well as a new MERN application for managing house points.

Get the guides on Google Drive
Get the code for HoDO Dashboard
The House Cup for Full-Stack Flex boot camps

The House Cup for Full-Stack Flex boot camps is a game to encourage extra curricular work. Similar to Houses of Design Olympics, students compete through various activities to earn points for their house. The winning house is celebrated at the House Cup. This project includes a MERN application for managing house points.

Get the code

VideoRepo is a MERN application that keeps an online repository of video links. It includes password protection and filtering as well as a basic Electron app for adding videos to the database.

Get the code for VideoRepo Client and Server
Get the code for VideoRepo Uploader

Plume is a React application made to be deployed on GitHub Pages. It is a countdown timer (without an alarm) and a random student group generator. A handy little in-class tool.

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