Zines by Hannah A. Patellis

Zines are small-circulation, self-published works of original or appropriated texts and images

Coming Soon
'Selfish and Grieving' zine cover, an abstract image in color halftone, with the words 'Selfish + Grieving' in black letters.
'I am ICONIC' zine cover, a dark but colorful art piece inside an elongated capsule shape with the text 'i am' in a fine serif white font and the text 'ICONIC' in capital white warped letters.
'Waiting for You' zine cover, a white square with a horizontal photo in the middle of the sky with clouds in it. Overlaid on the photo in white italic serif text are the words Waiting for You.
'Cat Fur Emporium' zine cover, a chalkboard drawing inside a house shape of a woman and two cats standing on grass with clouds above them. The words 'Cat Fur Emporium' are big, black, and in a script typeface.
'Slut' zine cover, a square closeup image of pink bed sheets with the text Slut written in a big, white, italic, serif font.
'South Pole' zine cover, a scanned photo of some pressed small weed flowers with the text South Pole written in big, bold, black, capital letters.